Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Feather Hair Extensions

I'm sure most of you have seen these by now. Feather hair extensions have spread from salons and into hair like wildfire lately. I've had mine in for roughly 3 weeks now and I had purchased the feathers at least 3 weeks before finally getting them put in. In only a month and a half the cost to carry a supply of these pretty feathers has more than doubled. Supply met demand, got married and had a baby that they named Inflation. Oh good Lord.

These feather extensions are actually pretty cool. I only waited to share them because I wanted to wear them first so I could tell you what they're really like.
They're a fun, no fuss way to add some interest to your hair. They are actual feathers that are attached to the with a micro ring used for hair extensions. There are usually three feathers to each ring, 2-3 rings total. They are incredibly easy to wear in the hair because they can be treated exactly like your actual hair. They can be shampooed, dried, and curled. The best part is, you don't even feel them in your hair. Ya just forget you even have them in.

So here's a peek at mine.

I chose to go with brighter colors. Pink, purple, teal & white. If these types of colors aren't for you, no worries. They come in natural colors as well. They take roughly 10 minutes to apply and last up to three months. The cost starts at $30 to have them put in. Just a fun 'lil somethin'

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