Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sweet Dreams

Although I've been doing hair for 15 years and I love what I do, I can't say I'd want to ever open my own salon.

I would on the other hand love to own a sweet shop.  I've only come up with this idea just recently and seriously, I love candy!  You ask my favorite candy, I really can't pick just one.  I love them all, even black jelly beans.  Really, I can't even walk near a candy store without stopping in, even just to take a look around.

I wouldn't want just any candy store though.  A sweet shop.  Containing all things sweet.  It'll be brightly colored, neatly organized, yet whimsical and be a feast for the eyes as well as your mouth.

We'll start with lots of hand-twirled lollipops

just 'cause I think they're pretty

It will have a good collection of confectioneries that you won't find at just any candy counter and they'll be displayed in pretty labeled jars rather than barrels or acrylic bins.

There will be an ice cream counter

and an icee bar

and donuts.  I love donuts.

something like these with their own signature style

and the staff would be encouraged to be as bright and cheerful as the candy 
much like a Harajuku girl because really where else could you work and this look actually be acceptable for your everyday attire?

I'm going to need a great logo and stand out, signature packaging as well.  Something that will get noticed in a customer's hand as they walk through a busy downtown area known to have a lot of foot traffic.  It'll be the Tiffany of the sugar world.
The storefront will have great picture windows and seasonal displays that will draw the eye and the consumer.

It would be fabulous, I just know it!

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