Monday, February 28, 2011

New Hair - extensions!

Once every year or so I give in to the fact that, despite my best efforts, I was not blessed with good hair.  So in go the extensions.  I've had them in different lengths and colors and it's a good way to have easy, workable hair for awhile.  

This time around, with the help of a fellow stylist, I got a couple inches added in length and filled in the thickness.

Here's a before of the back
and after

From the side before


We've all seen hair on these young girls, usually on myspace, that is obviously extensions.  You know the ones, short layers and long, super straight strands of hair... ack!  If done right though, by a professional, you would never know that someone has them in.  Just take a look at a Victoria's Secret catalog.  Every single model has some sort of extension work going on.  I know this because I recently read an interview from the on-set stylist.  Even with my hair, several of the stylists I work with didn't realize I had them in because they look so natural.
There are several different methods of putting in extensions including clip-ins, bonded, sewn, and micro rings to name a few.  My extensions are keratin bonded onto my hair and is 100% human hair.  Each extension strand comes pre-dipped in the bonding keratin.  With heat, the bond melts and is hand-formed around a small section of my natural hair.  Hair is made of keratin so that's why it adheres and holds on so well.  With proper care the extensions will last approximately 3 months.  Proper care of these particular extensions means they need to be treated more gently than your natural hair.  It's best not to shampoo the hair (or any hair) daily.  They need to be conditioned well but take care not to apply conditioner at the bond.  It's suggested to avoid any kind of silicone based product including any "smoothing" product lines.  Doing so will help prevent the bond from sliding off the hair.  You can style the hair just as you normally would, trying to avoid excessive heat from flat irons or curling irons and it's good to use a leave-in conditioner for added protection.  It's actually best to just wash (and condition) and wear.

The cost to have this done varies depending on the individual stylist and your own natural hair's thickness, texture and length desired. Including the cost of hair, it will run anywhere from $500-$1500.   You can have them done in just about any color or combination of colors, including bright "fantasy" colors for those with a little wild side.

If you're looking for a new look and think extensions is something you would like to try out, leave a comment or contact me and I would be more than happy to share more details with you.


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