Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Listing Listing Listing

... gotta do some listing.

I've had an etsy vintage shop since 2009.  It's been a fun way to turn a hobby into profit.  It gives me an excuse to scourer the thrift shops for fun finds and give me some extra cash in the process. 

Here's my POV at the moment.  

Camera waiting to upload pics, items for sale.  Lots of goodies I've been sitting on for awhile because really, it's more fun to find the goods than it is to take pictures of them and my husband would be so happy that I decided to stay home and list what I have rather than what I had planned to do today, which was go out and add more to my stash.

  I've fallen a little behind lately on the listings too so I guess I need to get on it.  

Any minute now.

Eh, maybe later.

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